Wednesday, 25 March 2009

What pleases...

These are some of the things which are pleasing me at the moment:

A dresser filled to bursting with gorgeous china - some old and chipped, some new and pretty. All used constantly and loved.

A platter and a pig (which Davey bought from a junk shop because he reminded him of his brother - in the nicest way!).

Daffodils, bright and happy, lighting up every corner.

A greenhouse full of seeds which have already moved on since this picture.

A tray of basil seedlings in the front porch where we always grow it for endless pestos. I so love fresh pesto and the taste of summer which fills your mouth with every bite...yum.

Shells, shells, shells... and sea-smoothed pebbles and softened glass. All over the house, in jars and bowls and very often lying where they fall after games of Ship, ship sailing.

This book which is the bedtime story of the moment for Lucy and I snuggled together under her quilt. This is the fourth of the Laura Ingalls Wlder books and is every bit as good as the rest.

Knitting still pleses me greatly, though this little jacket of soft lilac has been so near completion for about a year now! I thought if I put it here and say it will be finished by the weekend I risk mortification if it is not! Well, we'll see.

And of course, the sea...


Happy Wednesday everyone x


  1. You have the most beautiful blog Pipany. I found you a long time ago then lost you among the sea of blogs. I am glad I found you again and will be returning.x

  2. Yes, thank goodness, for most of us it is the simple things that please. I actually brought my collection (extensive!) of shells,pebbles and angels' tears glass from Cornwall....

  3. Your blogs are always full of lovely things Pip.

    My Basil has just sprouted - psto days ahead too!

  4. I love that the pig was bought because it reminded Davey of his brother! That's hilarious!
    Now I'm very intrigued by your knitting............... yes, there will be dire consequences if you don't finish it this week, and show us! Is that motivating enough!!!!!!!! No. seriously, it looks as though it's gorgeous, and that's just the sleeve, so I am looking forward to seeing the rest of it.
    Love Vanessa xxx

  5. *sigh* I think I need to move to cornwall ;D

  6. It is lovely to see someone else who finds the simple things in life pleasing.... polished sea glass, daffodils, knitting and reading, I am sure there are many bloggers out there who feel the same, and isn't it good to remind ourselves of these, once in a while. Lovely blog, as ever, Pipany.

  7. Beautiful as ever, Pip. My basil seeds are up and running too!

  8. Such beauty, Pip, and how did I miss your last post? Been such glorious weather here, though a bit chillier now. It's always the simple things that hit the spot....and looking forward to seeing that finished knitting!
    Happy days,
    Love and hugs
    Diana xxx

  9. OMG, you even knit beautifully! Honestly Pip, is there no end to your talents? Love, Mrs Ten Thumbs.

  10. Pip, although I have always wanted to live by the sea, I feel that if I did, I might never get anything done. Have a lovely day - jacqui x

  11. Bliss, indeed, Pipany.

    All those featured pleasures touch so many of our senses.

    Your picture of shells, made me turn my head and glimpse my own glass full of shells, on the bookcase just to my right.

    Continued best wishes to you and your family. xo

  12. Lovely words and pictures. Dev X

  13. Happiness is in the small details of life, isn't it and you have captured that perfectly in your pictures, Pipany.

  14. Pure and blissful happiness in your photos. Enjoyed looking at them very much, Pipany!

  15. It is lovely to see highlighted the small things that count. Thank you so much for the beautiful comment that you left on my blog. Hannah x

  16. You have such a delightful blog here
    I have really enjoyed looking around, it's feels very cosy
    I love the vases of forsythia
    will call by again

  17. Lovely photos and all your things are just the kind that make me smile too! You have also provided a timely reminder that I haven't sown my basil yet. Must get onto it, along with all the other things that need to be got into pots and on their way.

  18. Hi Pipany,

    All those seedlings, that's very impressive. I think Basil is next on 'our' list of plants to get going.

    Nina x

  19. Lovely photos Pipany, and a lovely selection of simple pleasures. I feel very calm after reading your post, it's always a pleasure to stop by.
    Bertie x

  20. Bliss indeed! What a lovely blog. I've just started to read Laura Ingalls Wilder to my two girls. We've just finished the first one and I'm really looking forward to sharing the rest of them too. I love all that china (drool) and the platter. Cute pig too.

  21. Again a simply beautiful post and lovely pictures. Do tell us in the next one what a game of Ship, Ship sailing is. I too have jars and jars of shells and pebbles. My 'rockery' in the garden is becoming a 'shellery' as my large shell finds get put on it.
    Truly inspirational. Hope the knitting gets finished!

  22. Bliss for me too Pipany!
    They are all lovely things.
    Loving that Pig!
    Oh I wish I was by the sea, you are very lucky.
    The knitting looks brilliant, I wish I could knit too.
    Collections in jars always look interesting.
    Have a great weekend.
    Carol x

  23. Oh pebbles Pipany - you know how much I love them. There's so much loveliness here - I love the jugs and mugs - we have a little Maisy one too! I always enjoy your tales of the sea. Emma x

  24. I can't wait until my daughter is ready for the Laura Ingalls W books!