Monday, 23 March 2009

Sunshine and shoreline

Another truly beautiful weekend. Brilliant sunshine and a soft forget-me-not sky - what more could you ask? A trip to the beach allowed for large pits to be dug...

paddling of toes in icy waters...

A well-wrapped young lady marches across the sands...

and my usual obsession with all things to do with the shore to be photographed. The brilliant hues of seaweed:

water surging over sea-smothed rock, the late afternoon sunlight creating patches of gold in the cooling light.

At home, bright jugs of yellow forsythia light each room from the kitchen...

to my dressing table (early morning photos hence the not so bright picture)

to the sitting room

and on to the girls' bedroom where the said forsythia billows right outside in a permanent patch of dazzling light. Garish it may be, but it provides so much cutting material for the house at this time of year and cheers every spot it sits upon. Lasts for ages too.

Hope all you Mums had a lovely and restful Mothering Sunday - I did!

Happy Monday x


  1. I have a lovely friend who always gives me piles of forsythia and I end up with it all over the house too! Lovely photographs, Pipany.

    CJ xx

  2. My forsythia has migrated indoors too, such a patch of sunlight.

  3. As you are obviously an expert with forsythia... please tell me when and how one should prune? And don't say you don't ever, please!!! We have some, but only the top has grown and produced the lovely cheery, sometimes garish, yellow sprigs, and it's way too high for me to reach. The rest, at reachable height, consists of a few sparse branches, nothing to cut, and in any case, I have to be careful as Mrs Blackbird has been busy gathering wet material from the pond to stick her new home together, right in the midst of the privet/forsythia.
    As for Mother's Day, I am truly glad it is over for another year. For those of us who have been motherless since our twenties, it's still a day to feel sad... and combine that with my views that it is over-rated, over-commercialised, and a waste of time and money, and not a day I have ever encouraged my sons to remember let alone celebrate, you can see why I am glad it's over!

  4. I love forsythia but never seem to have a space for it in the garden.

  5. I think we are living a mirror image life!! The beach as well for us at the weekend and lots of forsythia adorns our house too!!

    Beautiful pictures,

    Nina x

  6. I was drooling over the forsythia at Colby Woodland Garden on Saturday. I really must get some! I loved the beach pictures too. No forget-me-not skies here today though.

  7. Lovely pics Pipany. Glad you had a good day.

  8. Pipany, every one of those forsythia photos bursts with cheer.

    I particularly like the one that also shows the branches just outside the window.

    Forsythia is just coming into bloom in Central Park. I will have to take a walk over there today, maybe get a photo or two.


  9. We also spent an afternoon at the beach, but by the look of what your family is wearing, your weather was much milder than ours. Our forsythia isn't yet in bloom - still very tight buds, but soon.......

  10. Gorgeous pictures, as ever. That forsythia looks wonderful - thank you for reminding me - we've got plenty in the garden at the moment, but I never think to bring it inside.

    Beautiful beach pictures, although it looks as though winter is on its way back today.

  11. Lovely photographs again Pipany. Bit chilly here but the sun shone.

    Your Forsythia is so cheering. I really must plant one.

  12. This is a gorgeous post - sand, sea and forsythia. What could be better? Thanks Pipany!

  13. Gosh, your little one's growing up fast! Where did that time go?

  14. Pip,my mad beggars and a friens along for tea and play decided in summer wet suits to go in the sea Brrrrrrrrrrr I was nobbling just watching them. Coming out of the sea bright red and shivering they came home for bath and hot choclate. How much hardier are we as kids?!

  15. Gorgeous forsythia. I do love simple jugs all over the house, too. How lovely to have been at the beach during that lovely weekend. Perfect Mothers Day weather!

  16. Some super pictures there Pipany, I love the sea-foam.

  17. Now that is the perfect advert for forsythia! I know lots of people think the yellow is garish but I think it just sunlight on a stick and those photos prove it. Lovely.