Monday, 26 January 2009

The week that was.

Already the primrose just in front of the kitchen has started to flower. Alongside tiny shoots of grey-green push through and the first of our small drift of snowdrops unfold in the cool light of this shady spot. Unfortunately these purest of flowers are not dressed here in their usual pristine array thanks to the ever-persistent rain which has splashed muddy streaks onto the delicate skirts. Still they are beautiful and it looks as though more will soon follow as long as the hen leaves them alone. She has been scratching around the herbaceous plants as they peep from under the dead winter foliage and I know I will regret it if we don't put her back in the pen again.

Other things to make me smile last week? A little girl busily trying on outfits from the dressing up cupboard. Apparently, it was Hallowe'en - don't the months fly by?

The daphne is coming into bud just outside the front door. It is one of my favourite plants - yes, I know I say that about hundreds of plants, but this really is. The perfume is so beautiful at a time of year that desperately needs something to lighten it and remind us that Spring is close at hand. The aeonium next to it survived the bitter frosts too, so that makes me smile more.

The quilt I made for Isabella has made frequent appearances throughout the house and I am obsessed with trying to get a photograph which shows the fabrics properly. No luck so far, but I shall keep trying. I think it will probably need lighter days before I succeed.

A little crafting with the children has taken place too. Lucy is making a calendar for her Daddy to have at school and it is almost finished now. As she works away, Isabella has been painting flowers...

and 'scissoring' which she has almost got the hang of. Doesn't everyone do scissoring in their PJs with the trousers inside out?

Lastly, as ever, the sea has as ever made me smile. I just could not live without it.

Beautiful isn't it?

Bye for now x


  1. I remember scissoring being quite tricky at that age. Bless her.
    My aeonium in the ground succumbed to the frost but the one in a pot in the porch seems OK.

  2. How cute, the "scissoring"!
    I love Daphne, it does have a beautiful fragrance. Looking forward to all the Spring bulbs poking through.
    Hen x

  3. Hi Pip, I love Daphne too. My cousin bought us one when my oldest son was born and each year it is such a pleasure. Our snowdrops are not flowering yet, its been so wet and cold here in Sussex but lovely and sunny today. I think a visit to the beach after school would be a good idea, thank you for reminding me! Karenx

  4. Lovely flowers, lovely fairy chid.

  5. Ah! A peep at your blog - exhale slowly - and ah! Isn't that better? Love Chris STILL looking at mucky grey and rain!

  6. Beautiful.
    The Daphne here is a bit different from yours and is considered an 'invasive species' like so many other plants brought over from Europe and the UK to thrive and go wild in this climate. There are regular broom bashes and daphne pulling days.

  7. My eldest has just cracked scissoring and now there's no stopping him. We are a lucky house to have multiple fleets of Thunderbird ships adorning the kitchen walls!

    Not a thing in flower here yet but plenty of shoots peeping their heads above ground. Think I may have seen one snowdrop across the road - must go check! Just one makes it feel like we're finally on the downhill slope to spring doesn't it.

    I rather fancy a daphne too - or maybe a viburnum? Thanks for some beautifully cheery pictures.
    Have a smashing week.

  8. Lovely fresh photos Pipany. I saw the first snowdrops in the 'flesh' that I've seen this year today - not in our garden though.

  9. Pipany, your weather is so much milder, if also wetter, than ours.

    We are due for some sort of winter storm overnight. It's almost 11 now, and I can see light snow in the air. Wish I could see some snowdrops in Central Park tomorrow.

    Your dressed up apprentice is taking on additional skills. Scissors, no problem, just use all the fingers! She is adorable, as you well know.

    Thank you for this fresh Cornish air.


  10. My Daphne is in flower now, and just one or two little sprigs will scent the room. I love it. How nice to have snowdrops out, we judt dont have them here.