Monday, 5 January 2009

A magical morning.

After taking Lucy to school for the first time this year, Isabella and I decided to go have a look at the sea before starting the clean up session that is so desperately needed at home. The sky was a soft blue, the January sunlight turning the dirt-brown clouds into a prettier version of themselves with shades of ochre and sulphre yellow. We looked down over Pendennis Point at Little Dennis nestling against the rocks at the harbour mouth as the sky turned darker...

then darker still until the morning light had this amazing look to it...

A handful of ships huddled in close to the headland obviously expecting strong winds at some point, though the air was unusually settled today. As we rounded the Point the light changed again and the sun reasserted itself making these grasses catch our eyes as they waved down to the azure blue seas below.

A fleeting moment of brilliance as the sun faded away once more leaving a magical haziness in its wake, the misty light for which Cornwall is so renowned with cliffs peeping through and shafts of yellow piercing the blanket like some searchlight desperately seeking those smugglers of old.

So pretty a start to the day.

Have a good day xx


  1. Lovely photos as ever.... if I took some now you would see nothing but almost horizontal snow falling, so thick it has obliterated much of what is around us for now. But no doubt the sun will be out again ere long to melt it all away... sad really.

  2. Such beautiful photos - a magical morning in a beautiful part of the country!

  3. Thank you for giving me a taste of the Cornish seascapes with your beautful pics. I am very envious, reminds me of West Cork too.

  4. A beautiful start to the day. Those photos are just exactly as I imagine the Cornish coast must look. I wonder if I'll ever see the real thing? For now, your photos will have to do and they are a lovely subsitute.

  5. A very beautiful start to the day. I love the way you describe the landscape. You can tell that you feel very at home there, and who can blame you!

    Bertie x

  6. Gorgeous photos Pipany. I do love the sea.
    Happy New Year and wishing you all the very best for 2009.
    Carol xx

  7. WOW to your photos!

    Took down my Xmas decs - couldnt bear to take down your padded heart so hung it up with the aga toaster!

  8. Beautiful photos. I do love Cornwall. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Aw Pipany you are such a talented lady - your photographs are really good.

  10. I love that feeling of change from moment to moment at this time of year. The photos really reflect that mood.

    Hope all well now.

    P x

  11. Thank you Pippany for your lovely photos of home. Keep them coming as I won't be home until April.


  12. Such a lovely morning. I'm afraid I would have been sorely tempted to stay all day by the sea.

  13. Beautiful pictures as ever Pip. I long to live by the sea again (I'm a born and bred Sand grown 'un) - you just can't beat the smell, the fresh air and the views!

    Happy New Year =)

  14. wow..... enough said!!
    Happy New Year to you sweet lady x
    t x