Friday, 5 December 2008

An orange a day.

The festive mood continues apace, yesterday involving the slicing of oranges to make tree decorations. Isabella helped of course and we started by choosing the most orangey looking oranges in the store - not as obvious as it sounds as there were a plethora of rather anaemic looking fruits for some strange reason.

We then sliced them mostly thinly, though I did get carried away occasionally as I chatted too much with my helper and forgot the task in hand.

We placed these slices on several trays and popped them into the oven on the lowest setting for ages. Oh how I envy those of you with Agas and Rayburns with their warming ovens just perfect for jobs such as these. Still, I do love our huge range oven which has fed so many people on a regular basis without so much as a groan (please don't let me regret that now Christmas looms large!).

Isabella's help mostly took this form...

When thoroughly dried out and cool I threaded the slices with wire to hang on the tree where they now hang like little stained glass windows allowing the twinkly fairy lights to glow through as is NOT shown in this appalling photograph taken in a hurry this morning.

Ah well, they are easy to do and very pretty. You can also wire on bay leaves, cinammon sticks, anything really, so why not give them a go? Yes, I know I'm bossy but there we are! Righty oh, a slightly better Christmassy picture to leave you with.

Have a lovely day xx


  1. Lovely tree Pip, our tree hasn't even been bought yet. A job for the weekend I think. I've made some little button hearts to go on ours, so I'm hoping they'll look o.k. Your little helper looked very industrious!


  2. Hi Pip,
    The scent of orange is just perfect and warming at this time of year. I am craving oranges and satsumas at the moment mainly for the scent. I dried some like this last year and wired them onto a wreath with some myrtle cuttings...they have been sitting in a bowl all year and although they have lost a lot of thier scent they still look great. I bet your house smells divine.
    Happy day xxx

  3. Hi Pip,
    They look lovely on the tree.
    I will be making these again this year too, all part of getting in the christmas mood. I read that if you soak thn in a little milton before drying it will stop any mould from growing!
    Carol xx

  4. Oh, how gorgeous! I've always wanted to make a wreath with oranges and nutmeg and twigs and hops and other bits and bobs...but I had no idea of how to stop the orange slices turning into compost. Now you've shown me, step by lovely step. Thank you so much.

  5. You've inspired my 'fun' for today! I'm about to head out to the grocers for we'll add oranges to the list. The tree photo looks great...

  6. Hello Pipany,

    What a lovely idea! I also like making pomanders (poking all those cloves into oranges can leave one with very tender fingertips.)

    I agree that sometimes the oranges do not look orange enough.


  7. Gorgeous smells I imagine. It is lovely to use 'real' things for decorations.

  8. Your tree is up??
    Good grief, is itthat time already........

  9. Hi Pipany, your tree looks sooo pretty, I did our tree with bought dried oranges one year and we came down the next morning to rather sad looking orange rinds left hanging with no middles, that is when we realised we had little mice amonst us, our two cats just were not doing their job!!!

  10. Oooh, will definitely try that! They look wonderful. Often wondered how you did it - now we know. Thanks for sharing your knowhow with us all.

  11. looks beautiful. I am still holding out for a very late in the day tree, even though yours is enough to tempt me.
    Like Isabella helping!

  12. Lovely Pip, can smell those oranges - will the bottom of my Aga really do that? Will the damn dogs not graze the bottom branches of my tree? (They eat everything else...)

    Can I come for Christmas?

  13. Got an aga so will try the oranges! Sounds simple enough for me to do - like Frances I like making orange pomanders,

  14. Pip your tree is perfect! I adore the glass baubles. I did orange slices along time ago but got a bit impatient and turned the oven up too high! You've inspired me to try again.

    Have a smashing weekend.

  15. Hi Pip,
    You look so organized! Lovely tree, and the scent of orange wafting through the house is wonderful. Miss Isabella looks gorgeous as ever.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Diana xxx

  16. Your tree must smell as good as it looks!

  17. Oh what a fab idea! I must go and try that.

  18. These look fantastic, love the orange idea, love the oranges hanging on the tree. How cool. love the chrismasy spirit.

  19. Your blog is just gorgeous to look at and read - a real treat. I haven't 'done' blogs for a while but it's refreshing my soul to do so today!

    Pipany Angel came out of her Belgian Biscuit tin yesterday and graced the top of our tree for the second year running - I hope one day to pass it on to my grandchildren (I live in hope - one day, a long long time hence), a real tradition. Thank you. xx