Friday, 19 December 2008

Almost Here!

Not sure if that refers to me or Christmas! The time has just flown away from me and has been spent in a whirl which has been testing at times to say the least. Isabella has been so very poorly since last week with a raging temperature and chesty cough. Her little body has lain limp on the sofa with only whimpering emanating forth, this interpersed with crying of the 'want hug' variety. I have also had Lucy ill with the same cough though no temperature, and then Dave and I finally succumbed too. I have not been this ill for years and have found myself sitting hunched at the sewing machine in the kitchen (warmer than my sewing room and couldn't leave the littles anyway) trying to fulfill orders around the various demands of the you do.

Still, enough of that. Today sees Isabella in better spirits, stating she 'want somepin eat' and Lucy brighter too; Dave and I are fine, just a little weak from the pleasure of the lurgy and I have sent out what I sincerely hope and have convinced myself will be my last Christmas order - woohoo!!! Now I can sew and knit like a mad thing in a desperate attempt to complete the gifts for everyone else as the budget dictates it's that or nothing! Best to be honest about such things and talking of beautiful handmade gifts, go look at Diana's from Pebbledash who has the most wonderful eye for things. I love her blog for its serenity and the beautiful pictures often highlight this wonderful county we both share whch makes it even more lovely to me. She is also very lovely and I am lucky enough to now count her as a friend, so pop over and have a look.

So, in between the frantic preparations I hope we will manage more decoration making like this one of Mr Dave's (the Christmas tree not the fairy which is all Lucy's own work).

Lots of walks like these as I so have missed the fresh air.

The beach of course will be included.

A spot of gardening ready for the excitement that the New Year always brings, full of hope and possibility and promise.

And I also hope there will be plenty of time for some crafting for myself because I love it so, though obviously that will be after the big day methinks. Generally, I am looking forward to slowing down and seeing what's around me again, and that time is almost here...almost.

Have a lovely day xx


  1. Hi Pip,
    sorry to hear you have all been poorly. Hope you are on the mend now and that you have managed to get those last orders out. I have the last one to finish and get off today then i can start thinking about Christmas and finishing the family presents.
    We were up late making teacher and friends presents last night though as it's the last day of school today.. hurrah!

    Hope you can relax a little now, put on some festive music and enjoy making your family gifts.
    sending you lots of love
    Ginny xx

  2. Here we are having lots of colds too and children - several - laying on the sofa. In between, I have trips to my mother who is not well too. I'm tired but, thanks God, I haven't a flu or a cold.
    Even so, my Christmas preparations are so behind. Well, lets have hope.


  3. Hiya, sorry to hear your are all feeling crook - it is miserable, especially when you are so busy.

    Loved the Christmassy pictures, and walks and fresh air are my favourite remedy too.

    Wishing you all better very soon,


    Zoë x

  4. I hope that you'll soon be able to settle back and take a well-deserved rest after all the sewing and nursing of the past weeks. I can't think of a better place to recuperate than beside the tree, with the fire lit and a steaming cup of cider at hand - I hope it happens for you Pipany!

  5. Pipany, glad to read that your family are in recovery mode. It must have been very difficult to be nurse, patient and creative entrpreneur simultaneously!

    Cheers to you for getting all those orders finished. Many wishes to you for a fabulous Christmas, and also continued success (and no lurgy) in the New Year. xo

  6. Hi Pip,well-done for getting those orders done!

    I’m glad you are all on the mend. My hubby and youngest son have been so ill with the bug; I hope and pray the rest of us don't get it.
    I hope you all have a lovely Christmas, take care, love Lou xxx

  7. Hi Pip, I do hope the lurgy is truly on the way out. I know so many people who have been struck down. I'm glad you're on top of your orders - there has to be some 'me' time and some 'family' time coming your way. And thank you so much for that lovely mention. My halo is positively sparkling!
    Have a happy weekend.
    Lots of love
    Diana xx

  8. pleased to hear you and your family are shaking off the dreaded lurgy, not a good time to feel off colour with family and orders to see to.
    Lovely Pictures...
    Wishing you a Happy Christmas..

  9. Glad you're all better now, lots of walks, log fires, sloe gin and watching Christmas TV hsould be on the cards now!
    Lovely blog, Pip, well done getting all those orders out.

  10. Oh no, that lurgy sounds a killer! Glad you are all on the mend. Lovely photos as always.
    Enjoy a break, lots of fires and hot drinks, mulled wine included.
    have a great Christmas.

  11. deary me all the country ahs had some bug it seems my little leo is the lateset here up all night last night 39.8 temp and grandma and grandad are in bed with it to. I'm swigging OJ and zinc likes no one's business can't have no chef on Xmas day!!! Have a lovely weekend

  12. It seems everyone is coming down with this horrible lurgy. I hope you all feel well again very soon.


  13. You've done really well not letting your customers down with all that illness in the house. Think of you everyday with your lovely padded heart over the fireplace. Hope you can take some time off now and relax and get somepin festive and yummy to eat yourself with a glass of Xmas tipple.

  14. Lots of lovely 'somepins' here Pipany - sorry one of the nasty winter viruses knocked at the door. Lots of loveliness going on despite that. Well done on succeeding with all the orders. Hope everyone is back to full health by the big day. Have a lovely time. Emma xxx