Sunday, 31 August 2008

Not much going on....

Well, it's Sunday and not a lot is happening here. We were planning to make a batch of cider using our dear little cider press, but so far only the Spartan apples are ready and this bowl will not a barrel of cider make. Have to wait a bit longer for the fun of apple picking, pressing and trying out the wonderful juice - it really is so unlike anything I have ever bought, though perhaps too sweet to drink much at a time.

So, while the rest of the household is involved in various bits of this and that - Dave is sprawled on our bed working on the story he is writing for Elias and very good it is too; Lucy is playing behind me with dragons, as you do; Isabella is asleep for a bit, thank heavens and Sam is working off nervousness on the playstation (oh, how I hate it!) as he has an ear operation tomorrow - I am finally getting around to acknowledging some awards I have recently received from these lovely people:

Diana at Pebbledash & Zoe at Garden Hopping for the Arte y Pico award

Ginny at the Flour Loft for the 'I Love Your Blog' award

Carol at Katherine's Dream for The Brilliante Weblog awards

I am embarassed to admit that I think there were one or two other tag/awards, but I can't remember as I have taken so long to get round to this, ungrateful beast that I am. I won't pass them on as I think they have done the rounds for so long that people will wonder what on earth I am doing. Thank you to everyone who has ever even thought of me when handing out such things as it truly does mean a lot that people enjoy my ramblings and the pictures that accompany them, and especially when these people return time and again to leave comments - thank you x And PLEASE go visit the above mentioned blogs as they are all on my regular reading list for a variety of reasons, but most importantly are written by such lovely, lovely people.

I also want to thank dear Jane who blogs as Snailbeachshepherdess on a site called Purplecoo, my home from home where I am lucky enough to have made so many friends from all walks of life. Jane kindly sent me this wonderful batch of tapestry and embroidey threads - well, actually the beautiful heap of colours and textures arrived looking just gorgeous until I delved in and started using them. Now they are relegated to my usual heap, but I can honestly say Jane that I am using them, thank you so very much x

I thought this picture worth a repeat as it reminds me of how hard I sometimes struggle with the designing of new items. Some days the ideas just pop out of my head onto the paper and from thence to the fabric, other days I could rip my fast-greying hair out by its very roots. This was one such day - rosehips were in my head, but refused to evolve in the way I wanted. The story so far is one I am not remotely happy with and will have to return to soon, but for now it is enough to see the darned thing here in all its frustrating lack of loveliness as a reminder that it is not all quite like it seems in Country Living with the sun shining merrily as one sits in the garden, fingers fair flying over the linen as visions of loveliness emerge in ones hands...well, not always...

Happy Sunday xx


  1. Pipany, those apples are little jewels. What delicate colors! And to think that you'll be able to pick more of them and make cider just seems like a dream to me.

    I can more easily understand what you write and show about how you draw inspiration for your creations, and how that process does not follow a schedule. The embroidered rosehips are also gems!

    In the back of my mind I am considering buying a new sewing machine (perhaps it is time to retire the very heavy "portable" Singer that I bought in 1967! My trusty Singer still works, can stitch forward and backward and zigzag ... nothing else. Do you (and any other sewing folks who might see this) have any recommendations about which features I should definitely look for, and which ones are just fluff?


  2. I understand what you mean - I feel very frustrated when words don't convey the script that I'm reading in my head! But those rosehips are a work of art.

    SBS is a little gem too, isn't she!

  3. Your little embroidery is rather sweet!
    I often feel the frustration you talk about here!
    Sounds like a very pleasant Sunday regardless. Enjoy what's left of it.
    I'm off to bed soon.
    xo Kali

  4. Whenever I read your blog I feel like going away and doing some sewing! I love the little embroidery even if it is not yet what you want. Great colours on your apples - ours are a bit meaner and greener looking than that.

  5. Cider is my favourite drink of all time I think. Hope all goes well with the ear op
    lisa x

  6. When you look away your idea will jell and you'll 'have it' - but in the meantime, that scrap of embroidery is lovely!

  7. Love both your rosehip photo and embroidery. Veyr clever.

  8. I love the rosehip design, you must be pleased with it.

  9. hi, Pipany, do you have one of those clever sewing machines that writes words (like snapdragon does)??

  10. I have become a bit of a cider addict, so how wonderful to make your own. I know the frustrations of when the creative thoughts and ideas just don't translate, so very frustrating. Take a fresh look on a new day? Poured here all day, so felt like the old familiar, in fact nothing new about it, except it's 1 September!! Have a great week! Diana x

  11. Oh Pipany I'm so with you on the CL "perfectness". For me it's always the interiors and cooking I'd love ape but never get nearly near. they, day but that's what dreams are for aren't they, daydreaming over. Hope you get chance to do so and for the record - I love your rosehips! what a "perfect" subject for this time of year.
    love Stephx

  12. Who needs CL when we have Pipany!
    So glad those silks and cottons have gone to a good home!