Friday, 15 August 2008


I have been finding myself unusually unfocused where the business is concerned this holiday; I suppose having the children at home has changed the tenor of things and the days drift by in a hap-hazard manner which I am happy to sail along with, never really liking the necessary routines that term time brings anyway. The trouble is much as I like drifting I become increasingly lethargic until it is almost too much effort to pop the kettle on for a cuppa, heaven forbid! The awful weather has not helped as Pipany and wet weather seem not to go together as the best of friends - a little ironic really as I live in a particularly rain-ridden county.

The drier spells have seen us heading off to places such as the fishing village of Coverack where a thriving artists' community congregates for regular exhibitions. Yet again my camera died and I had forgotten to bring spare batteries, so no pictures of the deep blue sea full of bobbing fishing trawlers, just this ...

and this picture of the highly gothic building on the highly gothic and lifeless shores of Porthallow, a quarried beach close to the rocks offshore known as the Manacles where ships are wrecked and bodies sleep the longest sleep of all.

Business-wise I am working on my Christmas designs - yes, that's what I said, Christmas. I would apologise for mentioning it, but if I have to do it then you can join in can't you? It hasn't been as hard as I though what with the low light levels and rain - did I mention we have had a LOT of rain? - but even so I have been slow to come up with ideas, the lethargy freezing any creativity until dear Dave took me in hand by telling me to get off my butt! It is just what I needed (lucky for him!), so yesterday saw us racing to the beach before the sun disappeared again. Just llok at the beautiful sight that greeted us:

It is Falmouth Week and the town is full of stalls and events, a large marquee playing host to various nights of partying which all ages enjoy. The harbour is packed with sailing vessels of all descriptions from tiny rowing boats to the romantic square-riggers; just imagine how wonderful it must have looked when ships such as these sailed around the headland every day...

And so there I sat surrounded by shells and pebbles and soft, soft sand with the sunlight sparkling on the water like so many dancing fairies, the ships' sails filling and billowing as they raced against each other with such magical grace while I drew in my notebook the ideas to be transformed into Christmas decorations.... not quite so easy after all.

Bye for now xx


  1. Oh, I can so relate to that feeling of lethargy that the holidays bring, no reason to be up early, in fact no reason to do anything.

    Racheal x

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  3. Hello Pipany,
    Lethargy sometimes serves us well, thoughts might be percolating just below our consciousness, waiting for their time to spring into creative energetic motion. (At least that is what I sometimes tell myself.)

    Have a grand weekend ... hoping the sun will shine on you.

  4. Lethargic over here too, and big doses of procrastination. I need a kick up the b******* Good to hear you got to the beach in the intervals before the inevitable rain. It's pattering lightly on my roof as I type. Happy weekend! xxx

  5. Just love your shell pic Pipany, my fave are the little yellow ones of which i still have a few.

  6. Its good to chill Pipany - lovely relaxing photos on your blog. I'm going to pm you and ask how you get the pics on your blog set into the writing so to speak.

  7. Back to school will come soon enough ...just chill (literally I expect) and enjoy the moment ....

  8. I echo your driftiness ( if thats a word!)and the inevitable lethargy...I blame the weather of course ;). In Cornwall at present - down at Kennack today, just managed to time it right for a bit of sun.....

  9. Hi Pipany, you just drift away m'dear and enjoy ...
    With scenery like that it's a must !
    We had sun today, yippee !!
    Had an afternoon on the racecourse and it was just devine. Sending the sunshine your way.

  10. The first and last photos are to die for, and what a beautiful ship - like one to be found in a bottle! Gorgeous post as ever. Enjoy the slower pace!

  11. Lethargy is a necessary thing sometimes I think. Then you will have a rush of energy from somewhere. I love these photographs and hope you have had some sun this last week! Bring on an Indian summer. Up here in North Wales today it feels like October!

  12. me too... it's lovely to have the children off school but easy to drift and just be. not a bad thing to do but not so good when jobs are piling up.
    how lovely to sit on the beach and design your Christmas range.
    happy weekend.
    ginny x

  13. What a lot to read and enjoy! I've been in and out for a while, so am in a constant state of 'catch up'. Do try to give in to the lethargy because you know it won't last. Maybe if you think of it as a sort of hibernation and storing up of energy for the busy fall that you know is coming up?.........

  14. I'm with you on the lethargy and the drifting (if I could only find the kettle I might think aobut feeling too lethargic to switch it on.) What a treat to see all those lovely yachts (and for it not to be raining for once.) xxPM

  15. Hi Pipany, you have my sympathy, I was doing Christmas stuff last month - it's really REALLY hard. Love your photos as always.

  16. I also can relate your current mood.
    I have so much in my head and plans made and then I find myself wandering...and do not achieve as much as I know I can.
    Why the rush anyway !
    I have been very excited by the arrival of more material from Cabbages & Roses...for my Christmas this afternoon - after ironing and housework Yuk..I am going to just relax and sew.
    Carol x

  17. Hello Pipany,

    Lovely pics to your post, sorry to hear about so much rain, we have not had a good summer this year at all sadly.

    It will be interesting to know if you have some new gorgeous products for the festive period up your sleeve Pips, you have such wonderful talent.