Thursday, 30 August 2007

Golly, it's been so long since I've blogged that I couldn't remember how - where do I go, what is my password and why isn't my user name accepted on Purplecoo? I'm hoping that is down to me not remembering the right username rather than having been removed from the hallowed walls! I shall be posting a quick email in a mo to ask for help (no change there then!). I felt the need to stop the sewing, making and locking myself away in my sewing room and get back in touch with all of you, but as I can't seem to get onto the site I thought I would blog instead and I have to say it feels really good to be doing so. The fingers are flying rather slower than they used to over the keyboard, but here I am nonetheless.

The holidays have been a real mixture this year with the worst weather I can remember for a long time; so easy to forget the relentless rain after a week of toes in hot sand and crystal seas for bathing. I think most of us have felt the challenge of entertaining children through weeks of wet weather and even this game-hungry gang began to tire of yet another day of Risk and Mah Jong. They have deserved medals for their patience while I have disappeared for hours at a time to make yet another item or Dave has glued himself to the computer in his quest to set up a website for me - and what a great job he has done despite an increasingly ropey computer which finally went into retirement yesterday to be replaced by one which actually does what it is supposed to do. More blooming expense!

On the upside the holiday has consisted of lots of lovely things too which I shall pop down in a list to avoid an endless ramble from my blog deprived brain!...

1. A short trip to stay in a little house just outside Hay-on-Wye with Dave, Lucy and Isabella for three nights. Such a pretty town and so lovely to hear Lucy's excitement at everything we did. Her squeals as we drove over the Severn Bridge alone made it very special.

2. Isabella going into the sea with Dave and giggling frantically as the water swept over her chubby litlle body. She looked for all the world like a mermaid, so at home is she in the water. In fact, that brings me on to...

3. Isabella swimming the length of the bath completely unaided and then doing it again for good measure!. I have never seen a baby so in love with water before. She truly is a mermaid.

4. As mentioned before, sewing, making and producing - a website, business cards and products. All very exciting and not just a little scary. Will let you know when it is active though it is beginning to feel as though the build up may lead to a total let down!!!! Now Pipany, this is not the time for jitters!

5. Elias and Dave going night fishing off Stack Point ( a huddle of rocks nestling in the sea and reached by a winding, wild footpath along the cliff edge by lantern light). The planning, the packing the picnic, the collecting together of rods and tackle and bait. The whole resulting in a triumphant return at eleven o'clock pm of an eleven year old boy clutching two large pollock caught by his own rod when he has never caught anything bigger than his finger before. How lovely to see his little face just beaming at me, his body almost wriggling with excitement like a puppy given a treat. Wonderful! Oh and Dad was pretty excited too!

6. An overnight trip to Bristol with my beautiful Lauren who leaves to begin her three year stint as a student of Bristol Uni on Monday. We stayed in the house she and three friends are renting in the Clifton area and walked for hours in the gorgeous sunshine as she showed me all the beautiful places. Such an independent girl blossoming into such a capable young woman; a very special time for just the two of us.

7. Games - well, you didn't really think I wouldn't mention them did you! Mah Jong, Risk, cards (Tarot, California Jack, Strip Jack Naked). No campfires as yet which is a real rarity, but plenty of time yet.

8. Isabella taking her first steps at 15 months of age. The whole family cheering her on and so enjoying her clapping herself as she navigated the hallway. So sweet.

Well, I think I had better stop for now. Once again, thank you everyone for all your lovely comments and support. I am just beginning the task of playing catch up so be patient! Lovely to get back to some normality though and of course that means Purplecoo!

Have a great day xx


  1. Hi Pipany, good to have you back!

    What a fun filled summer you have had with your lovely family. And how clever you are to juggle it all.

    I think despite the weather this year, people have just made the most of being on holiday.

    Great news about Isabella's first steps. How amazing that must have been. I remember Amy's first steps and now I can't stop her!

    Crystal xx

  2. Hi Pip,
    Lovely to see you back. I love hearing about Isabella, first steps and swimming like a fish, ooh gawd too late to get broody!
    Hope your enterprise is going well. Thanks for you lovely comments. Don't be a stranger now.

  3. how lovely to have you back on here. your summer sounds packed and good. very best of luck with the business - you deserve it and as soon as you tell us about your website i will be having a look! so pleased you are blogging again.

  4. how lovely to have you back on here. your summer sounds packed and good. very best of luck with the business - you deserve it and as soon as you tell us about your website i will be having a look! so pleased you are blogging again.

  5. Hi Pipany

    I'm a new Purplecooer, but thought I would just say hello. I lived nearby in Cornwall to you for several years - really miss the sea and the walks...

    Keep writing!

  6. It's scary how easy it is to get out of the habit of blogging, isn't it? When you're doing it all the time it's easy peasy, but let it slip a bit and whoops....aaghhh. Sounds like you had a great summer regardless of the weather...
    Fabulous to have you back...have missed you.

  7. hello Pipany lovely to see you back had missed that beautiful picture. glad to hear you are forging ahead ...good luck

  8. Nice to hear from you again. I was just reading Palomino's blog and that involved a boy and his fish too!

    My eldest didnt walk til nearly 17 months. Loved hearing about your little mermaid - how adorable!

  9. Hurray! How lovely to see you back in print and nice to read about your summer - I especially liked the imagae of Isabella swimming in the bath.

  10. Really good to have you back Pip and what a wonderful summer you have had, capturing those treasured moments so perfectly. Good luck with your new business, keep us informed and do keep in touch. Posie x

  11. Nice to see you back, Pipany! I'm from Bristol and was there last night at a do to celebrate an exhibition my father's having - so if you have time on Monday, nip along to the RWA (right near the University, bang next door to Habitat) where you will see the most glorious paintings in the world in his show. Truly gorgeous, stunning, big, greedy colour. Anyway, what a busy ole summer - it's sort of sunny here now, so hard to remember the driving rain that ruined so much of it. Am rambling.

  12. Sounds like a pretty good summer - rotten weather or not. Hope you can keep up with Isabella!

  13. When our children were small and could not yet swim we invented a marvellous method of locomotion and called it, for reasons now lost in the mists of time, 'plod-walking.' You lay on your tummy in the surf and kicked furiously with your legs splashing everyone in sight. At the same time you raised yourself on your hands and waddled forward, like a duck, one hand in front of the other.

    Look forward to reading more blogs and do hope the business is taking off.

    Best wishes Fennie xx

  14. Hi Pipany. Welcome back - really begining to feel like the end of summer now. Mind you as you say what summer . . . I had forgotten what it is like trying to keep kids entertained in bad weather in the summer holidays