Friday, 13 July 2007

I was tagged!

I had a bit of an Epiphany (or do I mean an e-Pipany?) today: I went onto the dashboard to write a blog and discovered I had clicked on something at sometime which meant all my comments were waiting for me to moderate them. Are you following or have you given up the will to live? Anyway, it was a lovely moment for me as I discovered not the three comments sitting in lonely isolation on my blogspot (yeuch!) but 21 waiting to be read...and I thought nobody loved me anymore!!! Validatation through blog comments? What me?

All has been restored to a state of normality and so I thought I would quickly reply to some of the things you had placed upon the blinding white of the page....
1. UPL - I would NEVER spell/grammar check your commments as I don't even do that to the rot I write! Am currently testing the lavender oil on pillow (and on cot, sleepsuit, etc) and will give the camomile in the bath a go tonight. I know the sleepless nights will eventually end but all suggestions are gratefully received. I red somewhere that roman camomile oil helps too.

Annak - only just realised that you tagged me for the 5 mood lifters so here goes....

1. Reading Grouse and Pondside's pieces on depression and self-esteem is a recent thing I use to lift the mood. Grouse's notion of writing down negative thoughts and then coming up with an action plan is currently what I do and has had really good results as I know that action is far better for me when I am low. The problem is always getting going and somehow it feels as if you have your own personal motivator there with her wonderful words. My suggestion for no.1? Print out Grouse's blog and pin it where you cannot avoid it!

2. Lists, lists and more lists!!! Actually, I really mean one list but with a few categories on it such as general, self, achievement, etc. Each one should only have a couple of things, but this way you actually schedule time for yourself even if it is only for a soak in the bath. The achievement one is for ONE job which you have put off doing - it can be anything, but start small. Make sure it gets done as the lift it will give your spirit as you cross it off the list is worth its weight in gold. I even put down one thing under kids so that I don't just let jobs take over - playing cards is the current favourite and doesn't need to take up too much time if you are feeling a bit pushed. The kids are chirpy because you've played and you don't have my best friend (Guilt) sitting at your shoulder all day!

3. Get outside- it can be the hardest thing to do if you feel low as all you want to do is hide away, but fresh air really helps. Decide where to go and make yourself look at the world around you. If you are in a park, look at the people and make up stories in your head about them as you walk! I find a wild and windy beach works for me although doing really physical jobs in the garden has the same effect. Find what works for you and go for it whatever the weather, but make sure you can enjoy the sense of wellbeing with a bath and glass of the necessary after.

4. Sleep!!! Oh, dear God, sleep! I remember it well and as I fell asleep on the sofa while Lucy read to me at 7.15 last night, slept on her bed for another ten mins after she had woken me and then went back to sleep on the sofa untill 10pm when I finally dragged my weary bones to bed, I can honestly say I think it is the secret to life! I actually felt slightly better today though am waning now! Catnap if it works for you but not so much that it stops you sleeping at night. If you wake, get up - lying there is the worse thing you can do. It is better to get up several times and email, I meant make a cuppa or hot milk or something. The main thing is to try and stick to proper routines for sleep and to not have babies if you can possibly help it!

5. Write... whether a blog or a comment on a forum topic, a letter or a meandering scrawl in a notebook, I am convinced writing helps to clear away the dark thoughts. I think it gets them out of the head and onto the paper where you can bin them if you want or read them at a later date to try and understand what goes on when you are low. Mainly, use the purplecoo website for support as so many of us have been there.

Well, there you have it...I also recommend open fires, red wine (but not too much), good food, my wonderful Dave and laughing with the kids, swimming in the sea, oh lots really but remember that it WILL pass!

Have a lovely, cheery day xx


  1. What a wonderully unusual list! I found myself nodding along as I was reading and thinking, "yes, I can see how that would work." Definitely agree that writing helps - as does wine, red or otherwise!

  2. That was a great list Pipany. Good to have you back.

    I am one for lists...and lists...But I bet you have never written something down on your list that you have actually ALREADY done, just so you can cross it off!!

    warm wishes

  3. i'm with you all the way on the wine; chilled white and preferably fizzy

  4. Lovely photo - really lovely.
    Sorry about baby not sleeping - my fav supplier of therapy potions is - they do a special baby bath etc to enduce sleep - well you never know. Their balm I use - so to sleep - is just wonderful. Anyway have a look and see if there is anything that might help. All natural stuff.

  5. Fabulous list of mood boosters! Lists are great aren't they! They tell you so much about one's personality.
    I don't tend to have time for much sleep although I have been told it's a good all-rounder.

    And writing is my passion. I completely agree with you about it getting rid of dark thoughts. It's a great way to express oneself without having to see the expression at the other end.

    Crystal xx

  6. What a gorgeous photo Pipany,
    I agree about writing, a great passion for that. There is nothing better than a walk no matter what the weather, blows away my cobwebs.
    Ah, wine, love the Red especially French or Californian. I hope the tips that Countrymousie left help for sleeping.

  7. Hello Pipany,
    As I have said before, I just love typing your name!
    I so busy at the shop, that any break from it sends me outdoors, not straight to the computer.
    I feel that I am somehow missing this summer of 2007, but have to find a way to get my claim upon it!
    When I get a chance, I will ask you for more info on the business that you are beginning.
    Best wishes!

  8. Enjoyed the list, and enjoyed catching up Pipany, gald you had a moment of 'Pipany'!

  9. yes I found Grouse's post invaluable too. Milly also suggested a mood book and I am using photo's for mine. It is funny but I don't keep regular diaries but the ones I have are often written during periods when I have been quite low.

    Re CCA's comment I normally start my to do lists with a couple of done things and often they are the only ones that get ticked!!!

    Beautiful photo a real cheer up one.

  10. Good list - suprising how many of us have 'Get out. Do something'. And list are good too - I always feel the job's half done if it's made it as far as a list.

    Can offer no help with a wakeful baby - only sympathy. Our middle son - (was it only 27 years ago - seems like yesterday) - that he kept us awake for nights on end. I can feel that awful gut wrenching jolt as he wailed even now.

    The only consolation is that it doesn't last forever.

  11. I am now going to have a lovely cheery day (or what's left of it). I think that's a really great list. I could use every one of your suggestions, Pip, they are just my sort of suggestions - especially the bath (or shower even) and glass.

    Lists hold my life together. The weekend 'to do' has 19 items on it. I have done three and its almost 2.30 on Saturday! I suspect it will get junked if I am to have any fun. But one of them (like you I put down pleasureable items as well is to go to the cinema and see a French film about Moliere tonight.

  12. Great list Pipany and I absolutely loved the pic of you and Dave on the beach.xx

  13. Just seen you online.....welcome back!
    Brilliant list and Soooo honoured to be mentioned there!!!

    Getting outside...we forget how important that one is, dont we?

  14. Great list! I especially enjoyed the 'add ons' at the end and agree with all!
    Welcome back!

  15. Fabulous list... I'm a great believer in writing things out - even if they are never read or sorts out the head. Love that you had all those comments waiting - what a lovely surprise. And oh yes, oh yes, validation through too, all the time (sad tragic unformed ego that I have).... glad I'm not the only one! Jxxxxx
    PS - let's not talk about sleep eh?

  16. Hello Pipany,
    I wanted to send you continued good luck with your venture.
    Hope to hear an update from you when you have the time. Believe me, I totally understand how precious time is, and I do not have a child! How do you do it?