Monday, 28 April 2014

A Little tribute to Dave.

Sitting here I start to think who is Pipany? I start first with the name, a name that was given to me by my Davey. 

It encapsulated a fresh start for me alongside my partner, friend and lover, Mr Davey. I saw him as my ray of light that shone so, so brightly through the grey that clouded, and still does sometimes cloud, my mind. There he stood bright, cheery and gorgeous, always ready to laugh or talk or hold when life's trials got too hard.

I knew early on that I would never find another soul to love as much. 


Like most people, I have become busy with the daily running of a house, and the stresses and strains that come with trying to get a business both started & continuing. I guess I am constantly developing as a person, however grindingly slow that process may be, but the constant that stays in my heart and in my life is Dave. 


For that I am grateful and so I guess what i am trying to say is that Pipany is not a Me, but a We.

                    I love you my Dave x


  1. Such a beautiful tribute Pipany!!

    Madelief x

  2. Oh Pipany, as I started reading this post and saw some wonderful photos that I remember seeing when you first posted them, my heart began to draw near to my throat (or whatever that scary movement's direction is.)

    And so, it was an immense relief to reach the final words and to be able to join you in your praise of the absolutely one of a kind (although many of us wish that there were more such gentlemen) Mr Davey. I think that the first of your posts to really catch my attention was the one about catching the ducks that had decided to go to school. A few years ago!)

    xo to you and yours.

    1. Oh golly Frances, I didn't even think about the implications of that title! Yes, I can see where your thoughts were heading, but all is fine...better than fine, thank goodness, lovely lady. Thank you so much for following my blog & all our adventures for so many years xx

  3. It's GREAT when you find/have your other half. I know that i would never find him again(perhaps sometimes that's not a bad thing, just sometimes tho' when they drive you a little potty)!!!
    Glad you're well
    Best Wishes to you all
    Sue xx

  4. I was like Frances... almost too scared to read to the end and so relieved when I did. A lovely tribute to someone who is so obviously a lovely man.

  5. Aw, that was so touching Pipany, We often forget to say those words in the hurly burly of everyday life.

    Davey looks like a lovely man and you make a wonderful couple - and family.

    Have a great weekend my lovely.


  6. Such a beautiful post to read. I seem to be surrounded by woman who have reached an age in their life when despite having partners they feel lonely and isolated. Good to see this is not so for everyone. Particularly adore the photo of Dave trying to write with little one balances on his back.

  7. A beautiful post Pip. I feel the same about my lovely Alan. He too 'rescued' me from a cold, bleak, place and after six years together I still love him as much as ever - actually even more as each day passes.