Friday, 22 November 2013

Pepper the Puppy Comes home.

Hello again. I warn you, this is a photo heavy post as I am about to introduce you to the fluffy bundle of gorgeousness we call Pepper. I was bludgeoned by friends, family & mostly Dave until I caved and agreed to have a little look at some puppies. We knew the dad - a lovely huge Australian Shepherd x French Briard dog belonging to friends. Next we met mum - a bearded collie x black lab with a lovely temperament. And then we met the babies...all nine of them! 

So very beautiful and such a range of sizes. There were ones with enormous paws and one very, very tiny one who was the first born. There were all black puppies; black & grey puppies, tri-coloured puppies.... you get the gist. All we knew was that we wanted a bitch (so hate that word) and Dave chose this beautiful girl.

And we waited and visited until it was time to bring Pepper home with us to live in this crazy house full of crazy people and other crazy animals.

And then she grew. And grew. And then grew some more until at 18 weeks this is what she looks like and she still has plenty of growing to do! We love her to pieces. She has the loveliest nature and loves to be taught new things (which is good as the deal was that Dave would 'do everything, all of it....all you have to do Pip is train her!!!'). Oh is that all? Hmmm. So now I fit a long walk in at the beginning of the day which is just perfect whatever the weather - and boy, let me tell you I have been out in ALL weathers. I can't tell you how much I love that I have finally got the excuse I needed to give myself to get back out in the world. 

I walk the beaches and woods, the coves and rivers of my beautiful Cornwall. I just need to remember my camera a bit more often because I want to capture the amazing colours of an autumn sun on seaweed,

the texture of silken fronds on smooth, wave-worn stone.

I also want to try and capture this sweet girl as she grows from puppyhood into adulthood. It makes me smile to think we have another addition to the family, albeit one with four very long furry legs!

Just look at that face.

So there you have it. The ducks are fully grown and well, and you have now met Pepper Puppy too. If you should ever be in Cornwall and see this raggle-taggle hound with a similarly raggle-taggle (and usually soaked to the skin) me, then please do stop me and say hello. 

We do a lot of this. Pepper and me. We watch the world go by, listen to the sound of the waves and generally just poke around in rock pools looking for treasure.

Because there is so much treasure to be found. You just have to stop and look. Nature's colours are so amazing aren't they?

and don't even get me started on the subject of light.


Take a little time, have a look around and have a wonderful weekend x


  1. Oh my good grief! She is just beautiful! What a fab addition to your family and must be great to be getting out so much. We've never had dogs but tempted maybe later and your Pepper is exactly the hound I'd have.

    Enjoy your walkies!! Love the photos btw, such beautiful light xx
    Steph xx

  2. Beautiful pictures Pipany! And what beautiful weather at the moment!! But it's true a dog does get you out in all weathers, we've found that even the heaviest rain can be fun when you get back inside for a lovely hot chocolate :)

  3. Oh my word, she's just gorgeous. I'm quite jealous of your beachy walks with her! I'm about to get a puppy which won't be quite mine - it will belong to the Guide Dogs organisation and I'll have to give it back when it's about a year old and ready for its proper training - but I can't wait! The excuse to get out more on walks is one thing I'm really looking forward to (but the beaches are a bit of a trek from here, unfortunately).

  4. She's gorgeous! Makes me want a puppy again.

  5. Hi, I always read a lot of blogs each day but believe me this was a heart warmer on this freezing day. Pepper looks to be a bundle of fun. Enjoy her puppyhood and long may she be a member of your happy family.

  6. She is a total beauty !
    Twiggy x

  7. I love this pet so cute :)