Monday, 2 July 2012

Short but Very Sweet!

We have some new additions to our family because we felt there were not enough adults/animals/children already. Allow me to introduce: Washington Elderberry - guinea pig number one, chosen & named by Dave who has a thing for guinea a good way of course! 

Isabella finally has a rabbit. She has always loved bunnies and still takes her two favourite cuddly ones with her whenever she is able. She is the instigator of the Babbits I make, so named because her baby mouth couldn't get its tongue around the word 'rabbit' and now they will never be anything else to us. She has bestowed the very pretty name Summer onto her gorgeous new pet. We once had a hen called Summer too back in the dusty years of long ago. I rather like this name as it may be the only lovely summer we get.

Lucy is holding guinea pig number two: a sweet chap now named Willow. She is smitten to say the least and has many, many cuddles throughout the day. Actually, they are all handled a lot and are quite comfortable with people, particularly the little rabbit.

The children are good at caring for their pets and regularly are sent to feed our hens and ducks, though less frequently than i would like considering our torrential weather which sees me decked out in waterproofs and wellies on a regular basis. I would quite happily leave it to the kids at the moment. To be fair, Isabella is never put off by rain.

We have had lovely times watching these sweet things chomping on the clover and dandelion leaves scattered through the grass. I knew there was a reason I don't like perfect grass. It leaves me quite cold to see manicured lawns; it's as though no-one uses them instead of the scuffed patches that tell of endless picnics and games and general lazing around, or the longer parts that remind me of so many wildlife-hunting sessions with Isabella that inevitably lead to lengthy chats about being 'nature girls'. Never quite sure how to respond to that one.

So there we are:  chunky littleWashington Elderberry (we are not allowed to shorten it according to Davey)

Pretty Summer the Babbit

and dear little Willow

Welcome to our world, sweet things.

Bye for now x


  1. Awwww, they are all lovely - both four and two legged!

  2. Aaaaw we love guinea pigs! Our 2 have less impressive names, Poppy and Pickle ... We have just got 2 baby rats too which are the prettiest ones we've ever had with gorgeous curly whiskers Xx

  3. Oh what lovely sweet additions to your family, and what sunny pictures, not this morning I think!! I do love guinea pigs and what wonderful names

    Kate x

  4. I have a thing about guinea pigs too, and Washington Elderberry and Willow are adorable, as of course is Summer Babbit. We always had a whole bunch of piggies when the children were small and there were fewer dogs. I'd love to have a guinea pig or three again but guaranteeing their safety with so many whippets about the place would probably be impossible. Do yours talk to you? Ours had different squeaks for 'hello' and 'feed us' and 'cuddle us' and 'happy' :D

  5. What gorgeous new pets for you all.

    I love guinea pigs and rabbits and would happily have either, or both, but Rosy our Jack Russell is true to her kind and would despatch them without thought if they escaped, so I am not going to get any......I do look longingly at them in pet shops and in the garden centre every time I go though :-)

    Sue xx

  6. When I was a child we called rabbits "bumbings" (still do if the truth is told); as I'm the youngest, I have NO idea where that came from!

  7. Oh I'd love to come and play in your garden with all of your new furry friends, I do miss having small animals around (although I have part shares with Amy in a hamster that lives at my Mum & Dad's house. Hope we get some more sun so they can all enjoy a run on the grass x

  8. The new additions to your family look very sweet Pipany!

    Madelief x

  9. Awww gorgeous piggies! Handsome rabbit too. What adorable additions to your menagerie.