Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Christmas thoughts.

The new Christmas forum has put me in a festive spirit, which is a little ironic as the house has been overtaken by all things Christmassy for some time now. Initially the various things I have made for orders were confined to the sewing room until such time as they were completed and ready for packaging but, one by insidious one, they have weedled their way into all corners of an already overflowing house. Finally I have photographed, sewn the last stitch or bead and sent these cheery items off to their new homes - all apart from the few that have become part of the family that is....

A quick peek into our bedroom reveals a calico stocking hanging on my dressing table, it's nonchalant manner suggesting it has always shared space with the other items gathered there. Above it hangs a Christmas fairy, the first one I made this year; she holds a garland of dried berries collected from our garden earlier this year and wears a wreath of beads in her hair, and every day I rescue her from Isabella who sneaks her away to cuddle her for a little while despite the fact that she is not a toy. Padded hearts hang over the kitchen fireplace, the calico panels proclaiming various lines from traditional carols and the scent of Frankincense and Myrrh mingling with the smells of a family roast or a hearty stew. Hmm, Christmas did indeed arrive very early this year at Poltisko Farm.

The thing is, I realised that by keeping one or two items, I can appease my need to nurture the favourites. Let me explain...this is a woman who, when checking all the children before she goes to bed (yes, I even peek in on the older ones) finds herself tucking up the dolls lying in the wooden cot as she can't bear to see them uncovered! Barking I know, but at least cut me some slack for honesty!!! Now, in the case of the things I make I can sometimes find it difficult to, er..let them go. For example, the Christmas fairy - "She can't be an angel Mummy. Who will look after the tree? She has to be a Christmas Fairy!" - with every stitch this little creature became more real, the calico gradually becoming her body and the embroidered stitches giving her eyes and a smiling mouth. From here I was desperate to clothe her and add some hair which I could braid. She looked sweet but I wanted more for her and so she held her garland which I carefully threaded with the berries and added a matching.....well, you get the picture!

And so she stays, the first of the fairies, to come out each year and join the old favourites - the wonderfully wonky snowman made by Tom 21 years ago (!) who will ALWAYS top the tree; the various stained-glass window pictures made from jewel coloured tissue paper; the felt mice the children and I made goodness knows how many years ago to look like carol singers which sit on the window sill surrounded by candles and geenery. I love them all and I love the fact that more is added each year - a calico stocking, a trio of hearts and a Christmas fairy as starters - while the rest wend there way to places anew to become part of another family's traditions.

Ah well, on with the next lot.

Have a lovely day everyone xx


  1. I love your tender description of the fairy, gathering personality under your hands. How great to be able to do that!
    We don't have grand scale Christmas decorations although we do have all the old favourites. We have lots of holly trees so my favourite thing is to bring in holly and ivy (also have loads of that). This is a good Christmas house and yours sounds lovely.

  2. You have been busy too!
    My daughter made a nativity scene out of loo roll middles and wound up strips of cloth when she about 7. That comes out every year together with all the advent calenders and favourite snowman candle that is so dry and brittle it would burn the house down if we lit it. We've also got a musical angel [ very kitch ] that's about 30 years old. Can't part with any of them.

  3. I know what you mean about uncovered dolls. I could never go into my daughters' rooms and leave dollies undressed, or all skew whiff.

    I used to move the teddies too, so that they were 'different'and alive when the girls came back to their rooms.

  4. Lovely things... I must get on with making my home-made presents too...

    I tuck the teddies into H's bed on a morning, and make sure the ones on the shelf aren't squashed and can all see. If it were dolls I'd tidy their hair and make sure they were dressed properly. Me too, barking.

  5. I'm so glad I'm not the only one! I tuck the dolls in too and am always rearranging the teddies. Also tidy doll's hair. What a relief. Your Christmas bits and bobs sound like precious jewels. i love all those things too, but have to buy them, would so love to be skilled enough to make them. But at least I know where to buy them now!

  6. Now that my boy's birthday has been and gone full attention can be turned to Christmas. You always make me wish I sewed more. I want to live in your house!

  7. Oh you wouldn't Milla - it's so tatty! Ah well, it is cosy too...

  8. Our fairy has now gone to live with my daughter, now 45, who made her when she was around 8 yrs old! so she's enjoying Christmases in Canada. There are some things you just cant let go.

  9. These are beautiful, Pipany. I love Christmas and your blog has made me feel so much better.

    Crystal xx

  10. What a lovely relaxing read and the Christmas hearts are such a clever idea. Ooh I love Christmas and am feeling more Christmassy by the sec.

  11. Wonderful Blog Pipany, all simply beautiful divine products.

    I always like to see Teddies tucked up, had my grandchildren for sleepover last evening, I lay their crisp pyjams on pillows, and made sure Teds were covered with linen.


  12. When they're home, I still check all my children too - and the oldest one is 25!!

  13. SUch a likeminded person Pipany.

    Lovely blog-really enjoyed it and your beautiful creations are just my type of thing.
    I have angels of all kind hanging all over our house at Christmas. However I have just the oldest tattiest angel which is nothing special on top of the tree. But she has been there for nearly 20 years and I can't bear to part with her.

    I always check on my boys and think I always will.

    Really lovely stuff

    warm wishes